Century Lofts HOA

Century Lofts has a homeowner's association (HOA). The HOA is here to enhance the quality of life in our community through management of common areas, enforcement of rules and covenants, support of initiatives that strengthen bonds among residents, and investment in capital improvements that benefit the greater good.

If you are renting your loft, please contact the owner about residence or building issues. If you are a property owner, Century Lofts is managed by Community Management Associates (CMA). Skye Traylor is our property manager and can be reached at 404 835-9277 or straylor@cmacommunities.com.


The HOA board for 2019:

Parking Map



Please park in the space(s) assigned to your loft.


Noise from Hallway

The door to the hallway can let noise into the residence. The noise can be reduced by sealing up the door opening. An added benefit to this is that heat/AC loss to the hallway will be cut down, and smells from the hallway can be mostly eliminated.

Putting adhesive-backed foam around the sides and top of the door frame will help with noise. This foam can be found at home improvement stores like Lowes & Home Depot.

The opening at the bottom of the door is the main problem. The floor may not be perfectly flat and even. An "automatic door sweep" remains out of the way and moves down as the door is closed. These can be found online. The Pemco brand works well - there are several models available, and prices vary a lot from different web sites. This door sweeper may need to be cut to the exact length, so installation skills are required. If a door sweep is not used, a stuffed door draft stopper can be used - available at Bed Bath & Beyond, Walmart and Amazon.

Mailbox Keys/Locks

If your mailbox has a broken or missing lock, it can be replaced. Home Depot has a Universal Mailbox Lock in a Nickel color. It is part number S-4140, and costs less than $10. This is also available from Amazon.

Water Pressure and Shower Heads

The neighborhood of Castleberry Hill has relatively low water pressure. With the original shower head installed at Century Lofts, you may find that the water stream is not great. Replacing the shower head with a Speakman Anystream shower head with 2.5 GPM flow and 6 nozzles can help. This shower head flows better, but the low water pressure still limits the shower quality. On the High Pressure Shower Heads website there are several shower heads that work much better.