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Century Lofts has a homeowners association (HOA).   The HOA is here to enhance the quality of life in our community through management of common areas, enforcement of rules and covenants, support of initiatives that strengthen bonds among residents, and investment in capital improvements that benefit the greater good.

If you are renting your apartment, please contact the apartment owner about residence or building issues.   If you are a property owner, Century Lofts is managed by Community Management Associates (CMA).   Skye Traylor is our property manager and can be reached at 404 835-9277 or straylor@cmacommunities.com.

The HOA board for 2017 is:

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Improvements to Residential Loft Doors

Door Security

There is information on improving your residential door security on the Security Ideas page (a link is in the upper left).

Noise from Hallway

The door to the common hallway area can let noise into the residence.   The noise can be reduced by sealing up the door opening.   An added benefit to this is that heat/AC loss to the hallway will be cut down, and smells from the hallway can be mostly eliminated.

Putting adhesive-backed foam around the sides and top of the door opening will help with noise.   This foam can be found at home improvement stores like Lowes & Home Depot.

The opening at the bottom of the door is the main problem.   The floor may not be perfectly flat and even.   An "automatic door sweep" remains out of the way and moves down as the door is closed.   These can be found online.   The Pemco brand works well - there are several models available, and prices vary a lot from different web sites.   This door sweeper may need to be cut to the exact length, so installation skills may be required.

Century Lofts Resources

Mailbox Keys/Locks

If your mailbox has a broken or missing lock, it can be replaced.   Home Depot has a Universal Mailbox Lock in a Nickel color.   It is part number S-4140, and costs less than $10.   This is also available from Amazon.

Water Pressure and Shower Heads

The neighborhood of Castleberry Hill has relatively low water pressure.   With the original shower head at Century Lofts, you may find that water will not hit the other side of the shower because of the low water pressure.   Replacing the shower head with a Speakman Anystream shower head with 6 nozzles can help.   This shower head flows better, but the low water pressure still limits the shower quality.   On the High Pressure Shower Heads website there are several shower heads that give a much better shower, even with low pressure.

Century Lofts HOA Guidelines

Century Lofts has bylaws that are commonly called the Condo Docs that cover the building and its residents. If you are a property owner, you should have gotten a copy when your property was purchased.

Here are a few items that frequently are issues:

  1. Please do not prop open doors to the outside of the building.   This is a security issue.   You should have an RFID key fob to enter the building, and your name should be programmed into the front door call box so visitors can call you.   If you do not have a key fob, contact your property owner.
  2. On the roof, do not cross railings from the roof deck to the actual roof surface.   This is safety issue because of the chance to fall from the roof, and it damages the waterproof roof.   There is a fine if this rule is not followed.
  3. No fires or grills with an open flame are allowed on the roof or balconies.   This includes wood, charcoal, propane, etc.   This is a requirement from the City of Atlanta Fire Rescue Department - The City Code follows the International Fire Code on these items.
    1. IFC, Section 308.3.1, Open-flame cooking devices: Charcoal burners and other open-flame cooking devices shall not be operated on combustible balconies or within 10 feet of combustible construction.
    2. IFC Section 308.3.1.1, Liquefied-petroleum-gas-fueled cooking devices: LP-gas burners having an LP-gas container with a water capacity greater than 2.5 pounds shall not be located on combustible balconies or within 10 feet of combustible construction.
    Since balconies and the roof deck are combustible, these are not allowed.   Note that electric grills or devices that do not have an open flame are allowed.   This does not allow open flame grills that have an electric start.
  4. If you have a pet, please clean up your pet waste.   It is not allowed to leave pet waste anywhere but picked up and in the dumpster.   This covers the inside and outside common areas, parking area, sidewalks, and the landscaped area.   There is a fine for people that do not clean up after their pet.   Pet waste is not a fertilizer - it burns vegetation.   Pet waste also can contain harmful bacteria and diseases.
  5. No smoking is allowed in the inside common areas.   This includes the hallways, stairs and elevator.   You can smoke inside your loft, on the common roof deck, and outside.   Please clean up cigarette butts after smoking.
  6. Rubbish, trash, and garbage shall be regularly removed from the Unit and shall not be allowed to accumulate therein.   No garbage or trash shall be placed on the Common Elements or Limited Common Elements outside the Unit, temporarily or otherwise, except in trash dumpsters.   Rubbish, trash, and garbage shall be disposed of in sealed bags and either placed in the trash dumpsters, or proper receptacles designated by the Board for collection or removed from the Condominium.   It is your responsibility to arrange to remove large items such as appliances and furniture.
  7. Vehicles in handicapped spaces need to follow Georgia State law:
  8. Disabled and stored vehicles are prohibited from being parked on the Condominium.   For purposes hereof, a vehicle shall be considered "disabled" if it does not have a current license tag or is obviously inoperable.   A vehicle shall be considered "stored" if it remains on the Condominium for fourteen (14) consecutive days or longer without prior written Board permission.
  9. Boats, trailers, panel trucks, buses, hearses, trucks with a load capacity of one (1) ton or more, vans (excluding mini-vans or utility vehicles used as passenger vehicles and receiving a "car" or "passenger vehicle" classification by the Georgia Department of Motor Vehicles), recreational vehicles (RV's and motor homes), vehicles used primarily for commercial purposes and containing visible evidenced commercial use (such as tool boxes or racks), and vehicles with commercial writings on their exteriors are also prohibited from being parked on the Condominium, except: (1) in any specific areas which may be approved by the Board for parking of such vehicles, or (2) in the case of service vehicles, on a temporary basis for the purpose of serving a Unit during the daytime, business hours or during emergencies affecting the Unit or the Condominium.
  10. Every loft has an assigned parking space, and a few lofts have an extra space that they purchased.   Parking spaces are marked with the loft number.   Please do not park in a space that is not yours.   There are a few parking spaces in the outside parking area that are unassigned (they do not have a number), and are available on a first come basis.   Vehicles illegally parked can be towed per the Condo Docs.
  11. Personal property, other than vehicles as provided for in subparagraph (i) shall not be kept, or allowed to remain for more than twenty-four (24) hours upon any portion of the Common Elements, other than on a Limited Common Element, without prior written Board permission.   If the Board determines that a violation exists, then, not less than two (2) days after written notice is placed on the personal property and/or on the front door of the property owner's Unit, if known, the Board may remove and either discard or store the personal property in a location which the Board may determine and shall have no obligation to return, replace or reimburse the owner of the property.   The notice shall include the name and telephone number of the person or entity which will remove the property and the name and telephone number of a person to contact regarding the alleged violation.   The Board, in its discretion, may determine that an emergency situation exists and may exercise its removal rights hereunder without prior notice to the property owner; provided, however, in such case, the Board shall give the property owner, if known, notice of the removal of the property and the location of the property within three (3) days after the property is removed.   Neither the Association nor any officer or agent thereof shall be liable to any person for any claim of damage resulting from the removal activity in accordance herewith.   The Board may elect to impose fines or use other available remedies, rather than exercise its authority to remove property hereunder.
  12. Color of all window treatments visible from outside the Unit must be white or off-white.   Only customary window treatments shall be used at the Condominium.   Bed sheets shall not be used as window treatments.   This is to help make the outward building appearance more consistent.
  13. Inside your loft, do not paint the fire sprinkler heads.   The pipes can be painted, but the entire sprinkler head that screws into the pipe needs to be kept free of paint.   This keeps the sprinkler head able to function properly in case of a fire.   A yearly inspection checks this - the fire code requires replacement of all sprinkler heads with any foreign material on their surface (paint, caulk, texture coating, etc.).   Also, do not hang anything on the sprinkler pipes or sprinkler heads.

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